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Basic Estimated Costs to Build Garages

Note :  Prices do not include specialty items and or town specific restrictions.  Prices reflect 8' walls (2x4), non premium color vinyl siding, vinyl soffit, Gable roof with 4/12 roof pitch, including 3' ice and water shield, 15lb felt, GAF roofing, 6" side overhangs with gutters, flush rakes, 2 windows, a service door and and non insulated overhead door.  No electric or door openers.  Concrete floor included.
Also please keep in mind we are a custom builder.  There is not a kit that we purchase for garages.  Create a specific dimension and we can accommodate your request.
14x20 =  $11,400
16x20 = $12,200
18x20 = $13,000
20x20 = $14,400
22x20 = $15,500
24x20 = $17,000
26x20 = $18,650
28x20 = $20,000
30x20 = $21,500
22x22 = $17,400
22x24 = $18,850
22x26 = $20,500
24x24 = $20,750