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When you hire Atlantic Garages, rest assured you made the right decision. Our group of experienced framers and carpenters are some of the best in the business. For the projects we build, everything is custom to the home owners requests. We follow all applicable state and town codes to provide you with a quality built structure.

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Custom Garages
Custom requires true craftsman. Most of our common projects are 2-3 days. Custom projects some times require us on and of the site for 3 weeks or more. We make sure we take the time to go through the smaller details to ensure you are confident in what the completed project will look like. Our structures will be on the property for a lifetime. Take the time and make sure you are completely satisfied with your design.
These aren't your normal "slide off" or "big box store" type structures. We construct these sheds as a smaller version of a garage. We design it and place it where the town allows, then build it on site. All sheds have concrete floors and are built to NYS code or better.
Pool Houses
So you are getting a pool, or you have one already. Atlantic Garages can build you a structure that fits in with your yard and handles all your toys. Let us come take a look at what your looking to do and we will help you get it done.
Quality Framing
It starts with the lumber and ends with the carpenter.
Siding Solutions
Does your house have something unique? Does it require a craftsman to install? We are associated with all major suppliers in the North East. If it is available through our suppliers we can get it installed on your project.
Quality Garage Doors
For our garage door supplier and installer we have partnered with WNY leading door installer. Smolinski door.