Our Crew Creates Amazing Things


You know you need more space, the question is how to get what you need.  Are you going to buy a kit and do it yourself, dealing with the building permits and codes as well as buying and moving the materials and hoping you have all the needed tools?  Building a garage is a bigger job than you may expect.  Properly framing overhangs and 10′ wide garage door openings as well as wiring, and windows, may be things you have not thought about.   It’s easy to get in over your head. We have built hundreds of garages and we can take those worries away.



Each man on the crew knows his job specific duties and gets them done efficiently and accurately. When Atlantic Garages  builds a garage or structure we provide everything needed from start to finish. We come to your home, hear your ideas, come up with a solution, and move forward with the project. This includes all architectural drawings, permits, fees, variances, etc. providing the entire package to the home owner. That means no trips to town hall for you, no dealing with inspectors, none of those inconveniences that cost you so much time. We make sure the ONLY thing you have to do is fill it up when we're done.